Review on the Crocs Women’s Mercy Clog

The Crocs women’s Mercy clog is one of your solid options when it comes to a comfortable pair of shoes that offers ample protection, support and comfort to your feet. You will love how these shoes are well-made, which gives you the chic and classy design that you want. So, if you are wondering what exactly you can expect from these shoes, or you want to make sure that it is indeed the right one you need to get, then it is best to check out this review to help you make an informed decision before you make a purchase.

Benefits and Features

There are so many things that you will love about this pair of clogs from Crocs including the following:

1. Remarkable Comfort

When it comes to buying shoes, it is only natural for you to want one that is quite comfortable. With this Crocs model, you are sure that every step you make is properly supported. These clogs have a round-shaped sole made of rubber, which is not only comfortable, but highly durable and resistant to premature wear and tear.

2. Versatile

Another amazing thing about these clogs is the fact that you can wear them whether for leisure or work. The style is versatile, and this allows you to wear these shoes whether you are at the office, or you simply want comfortable footwear for a leisure walk to the mall or the park. As you stride along with these shoes, you will appreciate the immense comfort you get, thanks to the croslite material for the upper, footbed to promote circulation and arch support.

3. Protective

Aside from comfort and support, you will notice that these clogs are built to give you total protection from injuries and accidents wherever you are. There is a treaded sole in these shoes, which provides maximum grip that will prevent you from slipping due to wet, soapy or oily surfaces. So, if you are working at a restaurant or in a healthcare facility, you should have no problem with maintaining your balance if you have these shoes on.

Customer Reviews

So, what do actual customers have to say about this product? Here are among the things you might want to know about it.


The sizing of these shoes is quite good, which means you will not have to worry about wearing very loose or tight shoes. In case you are not very comfortable with a smaller size because it seems too tight on you, it is always better to go for half size up. Just remember that these clogs run big, and it can be a bit narrower as compared to others. The comfort is also satisfactory, but definitely better than the average.

Crocs Women’s Mercy Clog


While there are some issues with the fit and style, the bottom line is these clogs work perfectly. You will love how they conform with your feet, and there is a slip-resistant sole to keep you protected from slips. At the end of the day, the footwear is a good deal.

Where to Buy

The most practical place to purchase this item is at So, consider checking out this product now and get the best size that matches your needs and preferences.