Dansko Men’s Pro XP Clog: Best Features to Expect

The Dansko Men’s Pro XP clog is one of the most recommended shoes when it comes to people who spend more time on their feet than the others. In fact, it is the common choice of individuals who work in the hospitality or healthcare industry, mainly because of the great amount of time they are required to walk or stand for hours. If you are wearing your regular shoes, those may not suffice for the intense level of comfort you need. So, by switching to these shoes, being always on the go should never be a problem at all.

Benefits and Features of the Product

What can you expect from buying the Dansko Men’s Pro XP clog? The following are just some of the features of this footwear.

1. Quality Materials

These clogs are made of the finest leather material with synthetic sole and high quality construction, so you can count on it to last for years. What’s more, there is stapled midsole that is sturdy enough to not come off, as well as a padded collar for enhanced comfort. For its price, it is quite a good value because of its resistance to premature wear and tear.

2. Comfortable and Supportive

Another thing about these shoes is the fact that it comes with a memory foam and EVA dual-density insole. These components can be removed any time you want, in case you have your own custom orthotics. There is also a leather sockliner that ensures breathability to your feet, which keep them dry and cool at all times. No matter how long you have to wear these shoes, you should not have any problems with moisture or even bruises.

3. Protective

In addition to the great level of comfort you can expect from these shoes, you will love the total protection these offer. There is a PU midsole and rubber outsole, with the latter preventing you from slipping even on oily or wet surfaces. With this excellent traction, you can maintain your balance and stability at the workplace or wherever you are.

Customer Reviews

What do people love about this product? The following are actual reviews of buyers who have tried these shoes.


A number of customers who have purchased this product loved the amazing level of comfort and support they have received from the footwear. It worked well for people with arthritis, and they loved the fact that it was lightweight. Walking with these shoes was very easy and comfortable, so their movements were not restricted. In fact, they considered these shoes as one of the best they have bought for a reasonable price.

Dansko Men’s Pro XP ClogCons:

Some comments about these shoes include the lack of aesthetic appeal and style, and there were those who realized they needed a few days to break these in. Nevertheless, after they did break in the shoes, they loved every single moment because of the comfort and support these offered.

Where to Buy

The Dansko men’s Pro XP clog is available at various sources, although the best place to get it is at amazon.com. you can get free returns depends on the size and color. You can get this footwear at a great value that will meet your budget and standards.