• Chromag
    Looking to spin new life into your Chromag Contact pedals or just keep them spinning smooth. The Contact axle kit has everything you need to keep your pedals feeling as fresh as the day you got them. Each kit includes a left and a right axle and axle nuts, 2 O-rings, 2 bearings, and 2 washers. Features: 2 Chromoly axles 2 O-rings 2 Bearings 2 Washers 2 Axle nuts
    $25.00  from Jenson USA
  • Phoenix Contact
    Phoenix Single level ground modular terminal block in green/yellow color features push-in connection. Terminal block operates at a rated surge voltage of 6 kilo-Volts under category III. Terminal block features two connections for convenience. It has a strip length of 8 - 10 mm. Terminal block has insulating material with temperature index of 125 deg C and operates under pollution degree 3.Terminal block allows conductor of cross-section 26 - 12 AWG and solid conductor of cross-section 0.14 - 4
    $5.42  from Crescent Electric Supply
  • Phoenix Contact
    Phoenix Inline terminal features four relay PDT contacts led out floating and provides safe isolation. It measures 48.8 mm x 71.5 mm x 119.8 mm. It has a voltage rating of 5 - 253 VAC and current rating of 3 Amps. It functions at atmospheric pressure of 70 - 106 kPa. It operates in ambient temperature range of -25 to 55 deg C for storage and -25 to 85 deg C for transport system. Terminal is suitable to mount on DIN rail for convenient installation. Inline terminal features a diagnostic/status in
    $183.86  from Crescent Electric Supply

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